Hervé Maury

Animals are staring at us,

always with the same round eyes,

amazed at what they see.


South French Mediterranean colors softness.

Depth with mixed materials from sands,

marble dust, ochers and other minerals.


And a series of Camus' Nuptials' textual paintings exalting happiness, self-awareness, sea, sun, heat and nature.

French artist who works on materials and animal theme.


Hervé Maury was born in Montmartre, Paris in 1961. He lives in Marseille.

He discovered his passion for painting when he decided to decorate his house with his own unique and striking animal paintings.

As Hervé became a full-time artist, he participated in exhibitions all over Europe, Canada, China, Morocco, Lebanon, and the United States.

In 2006, his "polar bear" series adorned the windows of Hermès boutiques worldwide.

After 20 years of painting, Hervé keeps animals at his artworks beating heart. His paintings are full of poetry, tenderness and humor.


 "I am not attempting to make a descriptive painting, but rather to bring about a relation between the artwork's subject matter and its viewers".


To celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Albert Camus's one and only visit in the United States, Herve Maury created Ecritures, a series of painting dedicated of Nuptials at Tipasa novel.

Profil droit 2015 by Hervé Maury, 39''x39'', mixed media on canevas
Profil droit 2015 by Hervé Maury, 39''x39'', mixed media on canevas