Iconic Beauty 

by Benoit Lapray


Contemporary views on the intimacy of mythological characters and other stone beauties.

Fine art photography




by Richard Unglik



 A tender, playful and contemporary interpretation

of the classical and pop cultures' pictures.

Fine art photography


"Je est un autre..."

Arthur Rimbaud


by Gaëtan de Seguin


When"I" is a part of a crowd,

alone or together?

Mixed Media on canvas and Moucharabieh 




by Philippe Bréson


 Silver gelatin photography



Fabulous Animals

by Hervé Maury 


Animals are staring at us,

always with the same round eyes,

amazed at what they see.

Depth with mixed materials from sands,

marble dust, ochers and other minerals. 

Mixed media on canvas 


They talk about the collection : ABC The Georgetown Dish Metro weekly The Dining Traveler 



 L'eau et les rêves

Water and Dreams 

by Sabine Jaccard


Chosen scenes where children metamorphose into pure joy. They are a dance; they are a game; they are a scream; they are childhood. They are simply themselves, in the superlative.

Silver gelatin print 


 Albert Camus' Nuptials


by Hervé Maury 


A series of textuel paintings celebrates the 70th anniversary of French writer and Nobel prize winner's one and only trip in the United States.

Hervé Maury's textuel paintings exalt happiness, self-awareness, memories, sun, sea heat and nature.   



Portrait commission 

by Guillaume Ortega


Striking, mischievous and playful patchwork of your loved ones' life 

Canvas with paints, glue and varnish




by Philippe Bréson



Unflinching series of World War I battlefields one century later.


Silver gelatin photography




by Caura Barszcz


The passage of time plays with a wreck,

revealing a composition of vibrant colors

which continuously changes.

Photography fine art



Corps & âme

by Philippe Bréson



An inner experience of the body's representation.

Silver gelatin photography