Caura Barszcz



When the matter is a color and the color is a matter, both are poetry


The passage of time plays with a wreck,

revealing a composition of vibrant colors

which continuously changes


Caura was born and raised in Paris. A city where she still lives with her family and works. She balances her time between journalism and photography, travelling extensively throughout the world.
In France, she often goes to Saint Malo, Brittany Coast's city, where she finds peace and inspiration.
The photographer has learned early in her life to look at things and people through all forms of arts. Her father is an artist. Artistic education was part of their everyday upbriging. Photography was part of it and has always been for her, a mean to look and capture moments, expressions, life itself.

Tempus is a collection of Caura Barszcz's photography. Tempus is a Latin word meaning time. The series expresses the passage of time, studying a wreck that was slowly falling apart on a quay in Saint Malo. The place was peacefull and lonely. At first, you could not see anything there. However, when the sun light was out, colors attracted your eye and never let it go. 
The artist went there to take pictures for several years and several times a year to capture the end of this small fishing wooden boat until it was totally falling apart and was removed from there. 
She didn't choose the facility with a wide angle shot. She preferred focusing on the material with its deep colors and its transformation through the passing of rain, salt from the sea and wind. Tempus tells a story of life.