Gaëtan de Seguin

 Painting and Moucharabieh Sculpture

J+ series Gaëtan de Seguin paints the crowd. But not only. Gaëtan de Seguin paints the individual, an individual within the crowd. A crowd within the individual. The idea of the “J+” series emerged from a tragic event: Charlie Hebdo Attack. The events got reiterated since then. The crowd and the individuals carried on with their lives. Sensitive or insensitive, they ended up shaping a “mosaic of a society, a patchwork of men”; they all have their own fears, anxieties, but also their own hopes and desires in a world that bears multiple aspects. When an individual parts from the crowd, one may wonder why… yes, why? Who is this individual? An intimate portrait? A fifteen minute moment of glory? A focus on the singularity of men? Representing himself in a complex world? Or simply for the pleasure of drawing bodies he’s fascinated by… his fellows… his very own! The artist offers to see and to hear the men’s voice. But most and foremost the song of those who keep going; freedom guides people in its own manner. In brief, Gaëtan de Seguin’s painting is a bit of all this: a fragment of humanity endlessly renewed… day after day!

Landscapes Gaëtan de Seguin also paints landscapes with many perspectives where characters often find a way into his frames. But they do so discreetly, they contemplate, they vanish, they dilute into nature so as to become part of it.

Born in 1971 in the sunny and colorful city of Montpellier in the South of France. After artistic education in Paris and various jobs all related to drawing, he has made a more radical move towards painting since 2010. When he doesn't paint or create moucharabiehs , he organized arty workshops in his Languedoc countryside house.

Gaëtan de Seguin's art has been exhibited in Paris, Marseille, Montpellier, Bruxelles, Copenhagen, New-York City,... and now in Washington DC.