Gaëtan de Séguin


The various colors highlight that not one person is the same. The pictures celebrate this individuality in a contemporary and elegant way. Gaëtan's 'crowd' paintings also showcase that we are stronger together in love and friendship and a common way of life, in the fight against racism and terrorism. But also in the everyday - by working together hand in hand, we are more successful in business as well as within our families if we can stick together and happier for it.


When he doesn't work on his crowds to the rhythm of the music he listens to, he pauses to listen to the silence and retranscribe it in soft colors the landscapes that surround him in his native Languedoc, where he still lives. The simple, sustained beauty of these lands facing the Mediterranean Sea, an amphitheater of mountains, garrigue and plains.


Within sculptural which employ the principles of the mashrabiya, Séguin continues to offer a different perspective. Questioning the individuals and his place into the grander scheme, he inserts negative space with the pieces to create an alternative focus for the viewer. As light moves through the sculptural works, casting a shadow of the crowd, Séguin shows humankind constituted of individuals who interact as much as they ignore each other with a great humanism.


Gaëtan de Seguin's new art projects include the serigraphy technic, with the same purpose to promote the "vivre ensemble" (live together).

The Artist

Born in 1971 in the sunny and colorful city of Montpellier in the South of France and after artistic education in Paris and various jobs all related to drawing, Gaëtan has made a more radical move towards painting since 2010. When he doesn't paint or create moucharabiehs , he organized arty workshops in his Languedoc countryside house.

Gaëtan de Seguin's art has been exhibited in Paris, Marseille, Montpellier, Bruxelles, Copenhagen, New-York City and Washington DC.